With our knowledge and experience, we help you build a success story.

The Bautech Group has been present on the market for many years with independent services in the segment of cooperation works in the field of construction, civil engineering, finishing works and various assemblies.
During this period, we have developed into an advanced provider of integrated and quality services of all types of construction, construction and craft work.

We are a company with many years of experience in its field of operation and we can say with certainty that during our operation we have already gained rich experience in performing all types of our services. One of the basic principles and guidelines of our business in achieving the set goals is the comprehensive management of the quality and services we provide.

Because the implementation of our services is demanding and complex, we place the greatest emphasis in our company on quality and acceptance and the implementation of a complete project, where all included information and data are precisely defined, so that during the implementation, there are no problems and deviations. Our services are performed quickly, accurately and with quality, which is also the motto of Bautech Group d.o.o.


At Bautech Group, we and our experts build, lay, renovate, reconstruct, rehabilitate, restore and assemble - during this time we have accumulated a rich treasury of knowledge and practical experience, which is an important guide on the way to a successfully completed project. This is also evidenced by our work.


Our customers, clients and business partners are both natural and legal persons, from Slovenia as well as from some other countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Both the work and the clients are very different, and they all share the satisfaction with the work done.


We always make sure that we find the best solution for your needs or desires, that we advise in favor of the client and think long-term, so we work with quality! Don’t waste any more of your time looking for more artists. In our company we perform all work from the simplest to the most demanding. We perform work with our own team, only in this way can we meet the set deadlines and provide our customers with quality service.

• care for clients and business partners
• we advise and offer long-term solutions
• Save time by searching for company references
• we are in step with the times
• join the satisfied users of our services
• rapid response
• Our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect

We will provide you with professional advice at all times, take into account your wishes and project data, and carefully monitor the work until the end.
We offer all services within our business in one place.