Construction work

At Bautech Group, we are construction experts. We perform all construction works for the client, from simple construction works to demanding building constructions.

Civil engineering

Paving surfaces and laying pavers, curbs and slabs is one of the main activities among our services. The surroundings will shine in a completely new light with our paving design.

Final construction work

We perform all types of finishing construction work. Finishing works in construction consist of minor construction and craft works. All finishing works are performed quickly and with quality.

Assembly and disassembly

We have already done quite a few projects for the installation of larger or smaller ALU, metal and other structures and the dismantling of larger or smaller structures, equipment, joinery and more.


We arrange the surroundings residential and industrial environments. A facility that meets high requirements for the standard and quality also includes a carefully arranged external arrangement.


We make a variety of roofing works such as wooden structures, roof structures, wooden roofs and canopies. We carry out the work in accordance with regulations and general construction practice.